A message from our CEO

"When I lost my husband to suicide, my world changed in an instant. Two police officers came to our home to tell myself and five children the most devastating news any of us have and will ever hear. While most of it is a blur because of the immediate immense grief, shock and trauma, one thing in particular stayed with me. The only information given to us by police were two pamphlets, a generic one about grief and another on what to do next. 

18 months later, I was finally ready to help others who had lost loved ones to suicide, so I started a Facebook page. I had no vision for the future, no grand plans of what might happen. All I wanted to do was let people know they weren't alone and to provide them a place of support and comfort, where they could also share their experiences and grief, and know they weren't alone. I thought that maybe 200 people would follow the page and that to me was enough. If I helped one person, then my job was done.

The page was an immediate success. The number of followers kept growing and growing, which still astounds me and humbled me to this day. It resonates with those left behind because we are authentic. We encourage our followers to share their stories, and the support they give to each other is not only inspiring, but courageous. 

In less than two years, rather than being the admin of a Facebook page, I am the CEO and Founder of a not for profit organisation. Words can't describe how much gratitude I have for everyone who has supported SSF globally, so that we could take a step I never dreamed of and become an organisation dedicated to providing support for survivors of suicide, helping to raise awareness about mental health and suicide prevention.

From great loss has come a great triumph and I am honoured to be able to help take SSF even further and helping those around the world in a greater way."

 If you or someone you know are experiencing a crisis please call Lifeline on 13 11 44

If you or someone you know are experiencing a crisis please call Lifeline on 13 11 44